Shenzhen,China(08/15/2019)Disposable pee pad are sanitary pad tailor-made for pets,which can save the owners the trouble of cleaning pet trash,make it more hygienic for one-time use,and create a comfortable living environment for your pets.

Especially when used outside,disposable pet pads are more portable and easier to handle than washable pet pads. The Gimars R&D Department combined market research on different pet product consumer groups and launched a disposable dog pee pad that is superior to similar products in the market in August 2019.

1.Increased to 12g imported super absorbent polymer and fluff pulp,which can hold up to 7 cups of liquid and ensure that the liquid will not overflow the edge.With more polymer and fluff pulp than others, these puppy pads turn liquid into gel faster others to guarantee dry floors and easy clean up.

2.6 strong layers + supper liquid lock-in diamond quilting design absorb liquid faster for dry surface – with non-woven fabric for anti-streaming,polymer core to turn liquid into gel, 2 layers quick drying super absorbent tissue, diamond quilting design, these potty pads for dogs lock in moisture faster.

3.Thicken durable waterproof PE  film can not only prevent liquid from leaking to the floor more effectively, but also make these these dog training pads are easy to pick up without leakage or overflow.

4.The 28 * 34 inch Extra-large size of our disposable dog pee pad is suitable for dogs of all sizes and has a wide range of uses.It is also a great gift idea for who has puppies, dogs, elderly canines, kittens, cats, rabbits and other house training pets.

More premium pets products are being launched, so stay tuned…

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