Shenzhen,China(07/13/2021)The product design concept of the electric shave clipper is to make it more convenient, professional and fashionable to shear the dog’s hair.

After conducting market research on pet product consumers,the Gimars Marketing Department have worked with Gimars R&D Department to solve the common issues of dog electric clippers on the market.Then jointly launched an upgraded version of dog electric clipper that is superior to other companies in the market in July 2021.

1.2 in 1 shaving head combination makes pet grooming more convenient.You can use the Gimars 2 in 1 Pet shaver clippers for pet grooming anywhere.Wide blade for thick coats body and narrow blade for hair around paws, rump, face, ear, beard and mustache.

2.The dog clipper adapts more powerful 3.0 motor,gliding right through even thick curling long hair and mats without clogging and pulling hair. The noise-reduction design minimizes sound, so your dog is less likely to get scared during the trimming process.

3.High quality 33 teeth titanium blade and removable blade work together to provide excellent cutting performance. Also, Removable blades are easy to replace and clean. Sufficient longer battery life 2000 mAh of 3 continuous working hours after full charge, much longer run time than others.

5.The pet shaver clipper has 3 speed levels + 4 size guide combs (3,6,9,12 mm) and 5 adjustable cutting length (0.8,1.2, 1.4,1.7, 2mm), provides more precise trimming. Nice for different types of dogs.

More premium pets products are being launched, so stay tuned…


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