Shenzhen,China(02/27/2020)As a dog owner, do you have such a moment:When you go home exhausted from work for a day, you find that the house is full of dog pee?Or when you drive your dog enthusiastically on a weekend outing, but the dog can’t help peeing in the car halfway through?Or the mother dog made your house dirty and smelly when she gave birth to a puppy?In fact,when faced with these helpless situations,a small dog pee pad can easily solve all your worries.

In response to the above problems, Gimars R&D Department developed a washable dog pee pad specially designed for pets in February 2020.Below we will explore the three advantages of Gimars washable pee pad with you.

Firstly,our washable dog pad would be a good choice for using as a whelping pad for your lovely dogs, holds liquid up to 10 cups without leaking so there is no worry about making urine through floor.

Secondly,the pad bottom is made of epoxy resin which is skid proof to keep your dogs safe, soft fleece surface material is comfortable for dogs fall asleep well,no pilling does not make hair come off ,puppies doesn’t need to worry get their nails stuck again.And the dog pee pad is super easy to machine wash and quick dry.

Thirdly,the 72*72 inch pad is big enough for large dogs and the thickened 4-layer pad is durable which would not be teared by dogs paws.Besides,Our pad is not only great for dog potty training and whelping, but also applied to car seat protector, carpet saver, puppy play pad and dog feeding.

More premium pets products are being launched, so stay tuned…


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