Shenzhen, China (06/22/2021)In the market research of Gimars mouse pad with wrist support,we found that more corporate buyers have recognized the Gimars brand and tend to purchase more mouse pads for companies at once.We conducted customer return visits to these corporate buyers, and the survey found that most corporate buyers prefer a 10 packs mouse pad design.

In order to give back to corporate buyers who support our products, the Gimars brand launched Gimars 10-pack mouse pad wrist support in June 2021. The product features of this product are the same as the Gimars mouse pad wrist rest support design,but we have specially upgraded the outer package10 packs.

Each mouse pad comes with a separate OPP bag packaging, and the 10 Pack mouse pads are packaged in a thick carton outer box.The double packaging can better protect the mouse pad itself. It is an ideal choice for corporate office group purchases.In addition, in terms of price, the discount rate for 10 packs mouse pads is as high as 40% compared to when you can buy 10 single mouse pads.Whether in terms of packaging or price, it is the best choice for corporate buyers.

Gimars has always been adhering to the “customer first” service concept, constantly upgrading product quality, and constantly developing more new versions to better meet the needs of more customers.Many new products are being launched,so stay tuned…

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