Shenzhen, China (10/07/2016)With the rapid development of intelligent technology, daily work has also become informational.Prolonged use of computers and laptops will increase the pressure in the carpal tunnel of the wrist, causing the median nerve in the carpal tunnel to be clamped,which may result in finger numbness and dysfunction.

This is what we usually call Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).CTS is a very disturbing chronic disease for office works and people who need to use computers and laptops for a long time every day.

Therefore,the Gimars R&D Department conducted in-depth research and comprehensive market research on the CTS phenomenon.And launched a unique ergonomically designed wrist pad in 2016, which aims to keep the wrist in the correct neutral position and avoid muscle and tendon tension.Below we will explore the four unique designs of Gimars ergonomic wrist rest pad with you:

1.Compared with the ordinary wrist pad size on the market, the enlarged size design is more suitable for the usage habits of consumers in European and American countries.

2.While improving the posture of the hands and wrists, our mouse and keyboard wrist rests can also realize the common functions of the left and right hands, and can be easily used by left-handed people.

3.Mouse wrist rest designed with groove fits your hand better;Ergonomic design keeps wrists at a straight line when typing, rather than at an angle to the keyboard and mouse.

4.More importantly,Lycra Surface is breathable and smooth to the touch;non-slip rubber base provides heavy grip;soft,comfortable and light memory foam rebounds slowly,not easy to deform,idea for long-term use.

More wrist pads in different colors are being launched, so stay tuned

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