Shenzhen,China (10/11/2018)With the advent of the intelligent age,people’s ways of entertaining and entertaining have also become diversified.Computer games have become the first choice for more urban younger generations to unwind and relax.Combining the design of “Ergonomic” concept, Gimars R&D Department officially launched the mouse pad with wrist rest support designed specifically for games in 2018.

First of all,the surface area of the Gimars mouse pad is 20% larger than other mouse pads on the market.This 11 * 8.26 inch mouse pad has the best mouse movement space design: it provides gamers with a perfect range of motion, allowing gamers to play high-speed mobile games can easily achieve large-scale or sweeping actions.

Second,non-curling soft and breathable Lycra fabric provides smooth sensing for precise mouse tracking,no irritation to the skin.breathable and not easy to absorb heat.The fabric cover can quickly and accurately track the movement of the mouse, allowing the mouse to slide smoothly on the surface of the mouse pad.

Third,the wrist padding is not easy to separate with well press handing base and the soft slow-rebound memory foam keeps hands in natural position,provides maximum ergonomic comfort,help relieve or avoid carpel tunnel syndrome,and reduces pain and fatigue caused by stretching,and repetitive exercise for several hours.

Fourth,Laying flat odorless non-slip rubber base is made of natural rubber,with grooves on the back,which could firmly grip the surface and prevent sliding /unwanted movement.Perfect for fast continuous mice operating,especially for gamers.


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